A Little Landscaping Goes A Long Way

When it comes to building curb appeal, there are a lot of expensive upgrades that one can make to their home that can help to give it that extra little shimmer and shine. However, big results don’t always have to cost a fortune. Many tricks of the trade simply require a little imagination, a sunny afternoon, and a bit of hard work (of course, you could always contact us, or our sister-company Elite Outdoor Creations, and we’d be happy to take care of all those pre-requisites).

One fairly simple upgrade you can make is to your front landscape. A smart selection of trees, plants, flowers, and even mulch can add a huge boost of color and sharpness to your front lawn, which in turn helps to really make your entire house pop. Landscaping services are not as expensive as many of the other upgrades people commonly consider. And, though it varies from property to property, for professionals such as Elite Outdoor Creations, it doesn’t take a long time to bring a South Jersey landscape to life.

Don’t believe us, here’s a quick sample of a project we recently completed. Notice how well the color of the house pops, after the landscape was updated. The whole project was completed in 1.5 days, and cost significantly less than a brand new paint-job.